Starting school is a very big step for both whanau and children; we are here to make this transition as smooth as possible. We encourage you to enrol your child once they turn 4.

You can enrol in two ways:
  1. Complete our online enrolment form. Click here
  2. Ring the office at (06) 278 7117 or email Sarah and book a pre enrolment visit. At this visit we can show you around our school and give you the necessary documentation to complete.

From 2024, Tawhiti will be using a cohort entry enrolment system.

What is cohort entry?

Cohort entry is when new entrant children start school in groups through the year rather than on their fifth birthday. This helps children settle into school life and routines better.

How does cohort entry work?

New entrants start school in cohorts but only after they have turned five. There are two entry points per term, one on the first day of term, and one at a mid-point during a term (usually the Monday of the 6th week).

This image below shows how children turning 5 become a Cohort group, and start school together:


What are the 2024 Cohort Entry Dates?

Term Start of Term Date Mid-Term Entry Date End of Term
1 01/02/2024
Cohort 1
Cohort 2
2 29/04/2024
Cohort 3
Cohort 4
3 22/07/2024
Cohort 5
Cohort 6
4 14/10/2024
Cohort 7
Cohort 8


Ready to Enrol?

When enrolling you will need to bring a copy of your child’s birth and immunisation certificates.

Once children are enrolled they can join our Ready for School programme for 4 year olds. A month out from their 5th birthday they will then start their transition visits. The transition visits generally occur on Fridays from 8.55am to 1pm. However, we like to work with whanau to make a transition plan that suits your child so if your child requires longer to transition this can be accommodated.

These visits allow your child to come in and familiarise with themselves with the school environment, learn school routines and to develop relationships with their teacher and peers, making their transition to school a positive experience. As part of the transition process our new entrant teacher also visits our local early childhood centres to get to know children and their interests in an environment that is familiar to the children.

If you have any questions at all about enrolment or would like to come for a visit and look around our school please call into the office or email

This programme is available to all children turning 4 who will be attending Tawhiti School at age 5 years. Ready for School introduces children to literacy and numeracy concepts. At these sessions parents/caregivers will be given ideas and resources to support children's learning at home. Ready for School also allows children to form a relationship with their teacher, making their transition to school easy.

This programme runs on Tuesday's from 2:00-3:00pm. All children must be accompanied by a parent/caregiver/grandparent. If you are interested in enrolling your child in our Ready for School programme please contact the office (06) 278 7117 or email our new entrant teacher - Ashleigh Potts

The majority of the Tawhiti uniform can be purchased at the Warehouse in Hawera, with the exception of the navy Canterbury pants and our school PE top (this can be purchased from our school office).

uniform boys
Boys Uniform:
  • Black (long or short) socks
  • Black shoes or sandals
  • Navy track pants (Canterbury or school track pants from Warehouse)
  • Blue Tawhiti polo shirt
  • Blue Tawhiti long sleeve polar fleece
  • Navy Tawhiti shorts
  • Black or Navy thermal
uniform girls
Girls Uniform:
  • Black (long or short) socks or black tights
  • Black shoes or sandals
  • Navy track pants (Canterbury or school track pants from Warehouse)
  • Blue Tawhiti polo shirt
  • Blue Tawhiti long sleeve polar fleece
  • Tawhiti tartan culottes
  • Black or Navy thermal

As our school is heavily involved in education outside the classroom, there are many times that we call upon parents to accompany us on a learning adventure. If parents are driving children other than their own or staying overnight with children they are required to be police vetted. A vetting form can be picked up from the school office.

Tawhiti School has opted in to the Government's donations scheme. This means we will not ask parents for any donations, except for overnight camps.

Anyone can choose to make a donation to the school at any time. Donation tax credits can be claimed and GST is not payable.

Student activity payments

Parents will not be asked to pay for goods and services that are part of the core learning programme (curriculum).

You may, however, be asked to pay for things that are additional to the curriculum (eg after school sports teams registrations).

Activity payments are required to cover the costs of optional equipment, experiences, and services that are additional to the school’s curriculum obligations. They also go towards curriculum-based activities that involve a take-home component for the student to keep.

Parents are informed in advance of any additional optional payments that are extra to the school's curriculum obligations.